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Optimal Silent Series - Optimaltex
Optimal Silent Series - Optimaltex

Final Build May Appear Differently Than Presented

Optimal Silent Series PC



Experience the best of both worlds with the Optimal Silent Series PC. Designed as an entry-level gaming build, it delivers exceptional performance for gaming enthusiasts and content creators alike. Equipped with the Nvidia RTX 3050 graphics card and AMD Ryzen processor, it effortlessly handles gaming adventures and demanding tasks like editing and photography. With its sleek and minimalist design, devoid of distracting elements, the Optimal Silent Series PC provides a serene and focused environment. Step into the PC master race and enjoy powerful performance in a silent and versatile package with the Optimal Silent Series PC.



  • Product Overview
  • Specifications

  • Details

    • Ryzen 3 4000 Series Quad-Core

    • Nvidia RTX 3050

    • 16GB DDR4 @3000 MHz
    • 500TB SSD NVMe Drive M.2 2280

    • Easy Gaming Experience 1080p

    • 500 Watt Power Supply

  • Inside The Box

    • Silent Series Pre-Built Gaming PC

    • Power Cord

  • Warranty Information

    All Build made by Optimaltex comes with a 1-year warranty on both the Hardware and support. For More information check out our full warranty and instructions on contacting us here.

  • Processor

    • AMD Ryzen 3 4100 CPU

    • Max Boost 4.0 GHz Speeds

    • 4 Cores. 8 Threads

  • Graphics

    • Nvidia RTX 3050 GPU

    • Brands May Vary

  • Memory

    • 16GB DDR4 Memory
    • 3000MHz Clock Speeds

    • RGB (No)

  • Storage

    • 500GB M.2 NVMe Drive

    • PCIe 3.0

    • Read Speeds Up To 3500 Mbps

  • Power Supply

    • 500 Watt Power Supply

    • Non Modular

    • 80+ Certified

  • Case

    • Fractal Design POP Air

    • Clear Tempered Glass

    • Mid-Size Tower Case

  • Motherboard

    • A520M Small Form Factor

    • AMD AM4 3rd Gen Socket

    • Wifi+Bluetooth Included

  • CPU Cooling System

    • AM4 Socket Heatsink
    • 120mm Dynamic Bearing

    • ARGB (No)

  • Operating System

    • Windows 11

Frames in Games With The Best Settings

All Settings Set To Optimal Quality Settings for Best performance

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Experience the Optimaltex Difference

When you choose Optimaltex, you're not just investing in a gaming computer; you're embracing a world of unparalleled performance, personalized service, and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Join our community of passionate gamers and unlock your full gaming potential with Optimaltex.

Uncompromising Quality

Our commitment to excellence drives us to source premium-grade components. Each computer undergoes thorough testing and quality assurance to ensure optimal performance, stability, and durability, guaranteeing a system that can withstand the demands of even the most intense gaming sessions

Seamless Gaming Experience

You can immerse yourself in a world of seamless gaming. Our systems are meticulously optimized to provide the highest frame rates, smooth graphics, and minimal latency, allowing you to fully experience the immersive worlds and thrilling battles of your favorite games.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

we believe that exceptional gaming experiences extend beyond the hardware. That's why we are dedicated to providing first-hand support to ensure your complete satisfaction, not only with our high-performance gaming computers but also with any issues you may encounter along the way.



Buying a PC with Optimaltex has made it easier for anyone to get their hands on a gaming desktop. With our easy financing solution you can buy the PC you want without the hassle of worrying how to pay for it upfront.

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